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  1. 8 ways the NSA is spying on you right now
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8 ways the NSA is spying on you right now

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Remote PC Spy

Now, we are talking about the more sophisticated, technology-oriented methods. Cell phone spying is one of them. But how can you know if someone has been hijacking your phone? Well, the indications are simple but they are getting harder and harder to notice as technology evolves.

How to Tell if Someone is Spying On You - Spy Catchers LLC

However, here are some basic signs to look for if you believe that your phone is not just an innocent mobile device anymore:. Tracking software running in the background requires energy. If none of your habits have changed like you constantly playing an addictive game and your battery keeps draining, you might be dealing with a spy.

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A simple way to see whether your battery is working as it used to or not is to take a look at how much time it needs to charge. If it is taking longer than usual, a spying app might be running in the background.

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Have you ever used your phone for such a long time that, eventually it just started feeling hot? However, if you are not running anything like that nor charging it and it still feels like it could fry an egg, again, some spy software might be running.

It is difficult to tell if your calls are being recorded while you are on your cell phone since there are many things to blame when your phone call quality is not that great. Problematic handsfree or bad reception are just two of them.

FlexiSPY Works On All Devices

A small indicator, however, could be some echoing during calls. This could mean that someone might be hearing you. Sure, there are applications that can help you get rid of some spy software. But not any spy software. If you believe that your computer has been hacked, then we are talking about a really hard situation that you need to fix as soon as possible.

Our computers contain every single detail of our lives —especially today when everything is synced across our devices. Although we do not want to sound too pushy, when you believe that your computer has been hacked, you definitely need to work with an expert anti-hacker. Hackers have found so many different ways to act unnoticed that they can even bypass standard firewall software.

Check your computer password and see if it has changed. It never changes by itself. If the hacker is skilled enough, they can even control your computer remotely, so if you ever see your mouse cursor moving like someone else is in control, then, most likely, someone is.

Selfies, Facetime, Instagram… There are so many different apps which have permission to use your mobile or computer camera and hackers can access them in a matter of minutes. This means that your camera is on and someone is watching you. However, this signal can be disabled by even an amateur attacker.

The most effective solution? Cover your camera with a piece of tape. If you feel like you are being spied on, there is nothing wiser than reaching out to a professional. And we might be the best on the market. Your email address will not be published. This is why we created this post so you can determine whether someone is spying on you or not.

First, in this post, you will get to know the traditional spying methods which include: Bugs Hidden cameras Breaking-in Second, we are going to examine all the latest methods spies or aspiring spies use today, such as: Cell phone spying Computer hacking Webcam and phone camera hijacking So, sit back, relax and get ready to know if you are being spied on or not and how to catch someone spying on you. Eavesdropping Eavesdropping might be one of the oldest tricks, and spies and investigators have been using it for years.

Hidden Cameras Eavesdropping can also be achieved via hidden cameras too.